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Why people indulge in extramarital affair?

Mostly People have extramaritalaffair. Obviously something is wrong in this. Below are the reasons why people having extra marital affair:

1. Early marriage: People who got  early marriage at the age of 20 most likely to have extra marital affair. At their mid age they feel that they have not enjoyed life in their 20s, and indulge their self in an extramarital affair.

2. Got marriage due to the wrong reasons: Many people get marry for wrong reasons like force from family. Point is that many people agree to marriage without knowing their life partner. After marriage they realize that they have chosen wrong partner. When they meet person who is better than their current spouse, they got attracted to him/her and indulge themselves in affair.

3. Not able o deal with changes: Life changes everyday and most of us are unable to deal with such small changes. But the bigger ones like serious illness, death, loss of employment, financial loss, etc. in family may turn a people, apart from their sp…