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Facts regarding child custody

If divorce is incapable of being avoided, issues of child custody and access are bitter. When parents divorce custody of a child, only implies as to who the child will physically reside with. Parents continue to be natural guardians after divorce.
The custodial parent will be responsible for the medical and educational needs, emotional of the child and the non-custodial parent will have the right of access.

Over the years, there is a shift from custody and access being the right of a parent to being the 'right of a child'. The non-negotiable principle is best interest and welfare of the child. Who will best serve the needs of child's is the only thing.
Custody does not determined by earning capacity of parents but the capacity to provide a safe and secure environment. A non-earning mother may get custody but the earning father will be asked to provide child support. When the child is of a tender age, the mother is preferred custodial parent. When the child attains a discer…

Steps to break your extra marital affair

Teen girls stalked on social media

Abdul Sahid who is engineering student in Hyderabad made fictitious female face-book account named as Survi, Janvi, Jass, Tanu and start adding teen girls of top colleges and institutes in his friend list and started chatting with them about their personal lives, their secrets, sexual encounters and sought relevant information etc.  After some days talk accused (Abdul Sahid) demanded them to share their nude pictures, and girls refused to do. Then he started intimate them that he will publish their chat on their face-book wall so that anybody in their friend list would learn them. He shared morphed photo of a girl and tried to extract money.  Some girls got scared by his threats and gave their nude photos to him and some girls paid him money also. A girl’s mother went to police station to report the entire issue as her daughter fell in trap of accused.  Police arrested Abdul Sahid as per investigation.  Police got 100 of nude photographs of victims in accused mobile phone. Parents and you…

Steps to break your extra marital affair

Sometimes a point is come in your married life when you find yourself indulge in an extra-marital affair. At that time you are totally  unfair to  your spouse, your lover and yourself.  If you  find yourself  hold in an extra marital affair, take a step to end your affair before your life partner is devastated at your infidelity. 1. Take a strict decision: To end your extra marital affair completely think that its not only devastating to your marriage but is unfair to your lover also. You are breaking the trust of your spouse. So take the decision to end your extramarital affair. 2. Consider how to end the affair: Meet your lover and know his/her decision to end your affair. That meeting may got confrontational.  you may also consider impersonal ways  like email, phone or a letter to end up your relation. You may be accused of your lover but being honest to your spouse is big think. 3. Sooner the better: If you  don't want your spouse to be know about affair, decide to break it up immed…

Respect them, don't mourns daughters, they are the foundation

It's very sad, lot of girl child missing from our country are found buried in some graveyard. Now a day's India has gained advancements in all fields like boom in economy, innovative technologies and better infrastructure has become pride, but bias against a girl child is still dominant and the most shocking fact is that the innovative and technologies like biopsy,  scan tests, ultrasound and amniocentesis, devised to detect genetic abnormalities, are brutally killing the girl child. These technologies are highly misused Indian families to know gender of the unborn child. These detection tests are contributing a lot to the rise in race murder of the unborn girl child.   Being financially well  and well nourish their child most couples prefer  planned pregnancy.  Amniocentesis started working in India in 1974 to detect fetal abnormalities. These tests were used first time in Punjab detect gender in 1979 . Indian Council of Medical Research banned this test but it not workable. pe…

Wife got no alimony on her CrPC 125 appeal

Court refuses to give alimony to wife on her CrPC 125 appeal as cogent evidence put forward to the court by her husband and wife acknowledged the same. Both were not staying together. The judgment is actually not too much significant, since both evidence of husband and wife’s own access proved that there was no ill- treatment. In practical cases such cogent evidence and wife’s own admissions are uncommon; also the wife didn’t come in court for her own appeal at all.  It’s good for husband to have this type of evidence and if her wife admits her faults in court, he can make full use of it. 
This was usage of Cr-PC 125  but laws like DV Act combined with the ‘women empowerment’ trend, mostly interim maintenance is granted based m on allegations and the fact that wife is not staying with her husband.