Is your would be a right choice for your life ahead?

When you have decided to get married whether that is love or arrange marriage, you are more concerned about person’s earning, family background, family income, social behavior and goodwill and reputation of family and individual. Every individual whether that is boy or girl want to know about each other’s family that what kind of people they are, how is their neighbor relation, what is the financial status of those people, business and property details.

Or if you are married and  you are suspicious about your husband or wife’s activities, you are seeing sudden changes in his or her behavior and if you are confirmed about extra affairs then don’t worry  about that, we are here to provide every solution to your problem through surveillance and other sources are like photography, videography proofs. we provide pre and post-marital related services.

A premarital enquiry covers the following aspects:

Family background: when we investigate about family background, we check family origin, family structure, family goodwill and reputation, social behavior, criminal checks of that family.

Financial checks: in financial checks we include family main source of income, family house(own or rented), vehicle, any loan or debt from banks.

Job or Business: if our subject is doing a job, we investigate about his job profile, designation in the company, salary package and nature of the company. And if they have their business we check the nature of business, workplace and turnover.

Matrimonial status: Under this, we check if the subject is already married or was married before or divorcee.

Adverse/bad Habits: Bad habits such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution. We discreetly check on such bad habits and report to you with supporting facts/ pieces of evidence.

A post-marital inquiry: warning signs of extramarital affairs

If you are suspicious about your partner activities eg. He/She has an extramarital affair outside and if you confirmed about the affair but you do not have any proof for litigation then we are here to help you, we provide every information of relationship with proof like photographs, videos and we also follow the person from morning to evening for 5-10 days. From that, we confirm if the person is in a serious affair. Given below are the typical warning signs of extramarital affair.

  1. ·         Continuous usage of phone and secret phone calls
  2. ·         Multiple passwords in mobile app.
  3. ·         Sudden changes in sex driven
  4. ·         Sudden behavior changes.
  5. ·         More care about physical fitness
  6. ·         late night office
  7. ·         Changes in dressing sense.

Private Detective Chandigarh will help you in pre-matrimonial enquiry and post-marital affairs. We provide investigation services in various cities in the north and south India. Call Private Detective Chandigarh today and let us conduct a background investigation to see if your partner is who they claim to be.

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