Teen girls stalked on social media

Abdul Sahid who is engineering student in Hyderabad made fictitious female face-book account named as Survi, Janvi, Jass, Tanu and start adding teen girls of top colleges and institutes in his friend list and started chatting with them about their personal lives, their secrets, sexual encounters and sought relevant information etc.
 After some days talk accused (Abdul Sahid) demanded them to share their nude pictures, and girls refused to do. Then he started intimate them that he will publish their chat on their face-book wall so that anybody in their friend list would learn them. He shared morphed photo of a girl and tried to extract money.  Some girls got scared by his threats and gave their nude photos to him and some girls paid him money also.
A girl’s mother went to police station to report the entire issue as her daughter fell in trap of accused.
 Police arrested Abdul Sahid as per investigation.  Police got 100 of nude photographs of victims in accused mobile phone.
Parents and youngsters should be aware all this type of happenings. School and institutes must come in cyberexperts to engage such dangers.


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