Wife got no alimony on her CrPC 125 appeal

Court refuses to give alimony to wife on her CrPC 125 appeal as cogent evidence put forward to the court by her husband and wife acknowledged the same. Both were not staying together.
The judgment is actually not too much significant, since both evidence of husband and wife’s own access proved that there was no ill- treatment. In practical cases such cogent evidence and wife’s own admissions are uncommon; also the wife didn’t come in court for her own appeal at all. 
It’s good for husband to have this type of evidence and if her wife admits her faults in court, he can make full use of it. 

This was usage of Cr-PC 125  but laws like DV Act combined with the ‘women empowerment’ trend, mostly interim maintenance is granted based m on allegations and the fact that wife is not staying with her husband.


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