Background Verification

Background verification is such an essential tool in today’s scenario that no one can ignore it no matter, It is a big or small corporate, Individual, Investor or etc. There could be various or different reason to conduct the same but the target is almost same and that is purity.
And to get the desired result, the way could be different, but the tool are same, Which could be used as per our client’s requirement. And below we have mentioned the tools, What we use. And in a simple language the background check is collecting the verbal and physical data to opt the best among the all as per the client request.   The quantity of information built-in depends on the reason for which verification to be conducted. Background check include following things to verify.

-       To get Spot light between the crowd    
-       To get the appropriate Employee
-       To get the appropriate Matrimonial Match
-       To get the future Business partner
-       To get the best Tenant
-       To get the comprehensive & reliable Fleet

a.)    Address verification: Address of the subject is verified whether he/she is residing at mentioned address or not.
b.)    Court records checkAs  number of defaulters and the rate of frauds on the rise, full proof verification is not complete without a court records check
c.)    Credit check: Before you being in a relation its must to check his  financial credit.
d.)    Criminal Database Checks: Criminal database check is verification of person's criminal history.
e.)    Drug tests: before being into a relation its must for you to know that the person in not addicted to any type of drugs.
f.)     Health Status : To get the continues human power for production Sale Marketing, operations and Etc, Company need the fit people to get the 100% continues growth. 
g.)    Education verification: In this it is to be verify that what degree/ education subject holds.
h.)    Employment verification: Company Name, Job designation of the subject to be verified.
i.)     Reference verification :
j.)      Social Media Scan: Social media reputation, neighbor relation to be notified.
k.)    Health Status: Measure of health status of the subject is also done.
l.)     CV Validation: CV of the subject is cross checked.
m.)  Social Media Checks: Social media accounts of the subject checked.

n.)    Character Reference Check: It’s checked that whether he/she has an affair at present or in past. 


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